We are a software company headquartered in Singapore and has a subsidiary office in Tokyo. Our mission is, “Create a marketplace where the world is connected by Otaku-mind”


Unikura will have a pitch and discussion with CFO of Singapore MAS, Mitsui-bussan etc on 22th Feb. (01.Feb.2024)

Unikura supports Japanese e-commerce shops to be Web3 and start listing (22.Dec.2023)

Unikura sponsors Token2049 side event “Singapore Grand Prix Watch Party“

Unikura hosted Tokenizing Real World Asset - Collectibles as a Token2049 side event

Raised 3 million USD as Seed Round (1st,Feb,2023)

VELVETT PTE.LTD. is established in Singapore(20,Oct,2022)


Unikura(ユニクラ)- RWA Marketplace

Unicra is an NFT marketplace backed by physical assets. It solves the problem of buying, holding, selling and shipping collectibles in the marketplace by tokenising real-world assets.


Web3 Business Support

Our experienced management team, with expertise in startups as well as entertainment, marketplaces, Fintech, VC funds, and trading companies, will fully support your Web3 business.